Light Blue Super Cooling Towel – Innovative Fabric Technology


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Feel cool using your very own Super Cooling Towel which is manufactured by using exciting and innovative fabric technology. By adding water and using the “snapping” process, it activates the cooling properties within the anti-bacterial and durable material. Whether you’re in the gym, running, gardening, fishing and even to stay cool during any sport, activity or hot weather; you will love the instant cooling process when applied to your skin!

Super soft, thin and easy to carry makes it easy to have it with you anywhere you might want to cool down. There are many ways to wear the Super Cooling Towel and you can pop it into your bag to have it ready to use! Anytime…… Anywhere!

When the towel returns to room temperature, simply wet again and snap! What a fantastic way to cool you and your family easily when out and about. It is important to remain hydrated in conjunction with using your cooling towel at all times.

Our Super Cooling Towels are available in light blue, lime green, purple.



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