High Quality Ingredients


Our high quality ingredients are sourced locally and the extraction process does not compromise the bio-matrix integrity of the fruit or plant. unlike the old methods of drawn out percolation or heat. where the raw material is often left stewing for days. fermenting & breaking down. Independent laboratory testing at Southern Cross University's Plant Science Analytical Services validates the major peaks of bio-actives present in each organic extract. Our extraction method delivers larger peaks. & often identifies more active compounds than competitive extracts tested Our extracts are pure. locally sourced. unadulterated. are highly "active" & ethical



Rich Nutrition skin care products are 100% Vegan. with no animal bi-products being used in any of our formulations.


With the growing concern of orangutan extinction. you may be aware of the issues with using palm oil and its derivatives. Unfortunately, most consumers think the word palm oil must be written on the ingredient list. however this is not the case. Palm oil derivatives come under 200 different names making it very difficult and almost impossible to know what you are looking for if you are not an experienced chemist with extensive ingredient knowledge. We have a very passionate and dedicated team who are highly ethical and environmentally aware. therefore every ingredient we purchase must be sustainably sourced. We do pay extra for these ingredients. however. we feel that the future of orangutans depend on businesses like ours making the conscious decision to avoid these unsustainable ingredients.


Under no circumstances do we perform animal testing or even condone this kind of barbaric outdated practice. Rich Nutrition Products are 100% Animal Cruelty Free.


We use a small selection of ingredients which are natively grown in countries including Chile. Fiji and Ghana. These include our Organic Coconut Oil. Organic Rosehip Oil and Organic Shea Butter. these are all regulated and certified fair trade ingredients.
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